End Abortion Deception

End Abortion Deception

Fake health centers use deception and shame to delay or push abortion and prenatal care out of reach.

People seeking pregnancy-related services need information and expert health care, not politically-motivated deception, pressure, or shame. And yet fake health centers engage in a variety of dishonest tactics — deceptive advertising, misleading websites, and pushing medically inaccurate information — to lure pregnant people through their doors.

Patients need care they can trust.

The Supreme Court won’t hold fake health centers accountable, but you can help end the deceptive tactics that push abortion care out of reach by supporting real abortion providers and exposing fake health centers.

Put an end to the deception. Get to know your local independent abortion clinic so that you and those you love can access compassionate reproductive health care when you need it.

Expose fake clinics. Report or review fake health centers in your community:


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People who seek abortion care arrive at a thoughtful decision about what is best for themselves, their families, and their futures. They should be able to get the pregnancy-related care they need, when they need it — without deception, shame, or politically-motivated delays.

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