Today, independent abortion care providers (Indies) provide care to 2 of every 3 people in the US who have an abortion. The sustainability and well-being of Indies is essential to ensuring meaningful access to abortion care in this country. Abortion Care Network (ACN) is dedicated to the unique needs of these providers and the people they serve.

The History of Independent Clinics

Post-Roe v. Wade, feminists and physicians started opening locally-owned abortion care clinics in communities throughout the US. This outpatient care model kept the cost of the procedure more affordable for patients while also providing safe, high-quality care. These Indies set a new standard for all healthcare – laying the groundwork for affordable, exceptional outpatient specialty services.

Unique Challenges

Since 2011, there has been an unprecedented number of anti-choice regulations designed to shut down clinics. Additionally, independent providers face the same challenges that impact other small, community-based providers. These include costs of transitioning to electronic medical records and providing patient-centered care in an atmosphere focused on consolidation, which offers huge advantages to large healthcare systems.

Combined with insurance reimbursement rates that are lower than the cost of providing care and increasing anti-choice violence and extremism, it is becoming too expensive and/or logistically impossible for independent facilities to remain in business.

In both progressive and conservative states, the challenges facing local clinics are urgent and substantial. But unlike other healthcare specialties, there is no safety net for independent abortion care providers. When clinics close, access to abortion care diminishes; people with low incomes, women of color, immigrants, and rural communities are disproportionately impacted.

Uniting Our Voices

Uniting Our Voices provides small-group trainings where independent abortion care providers learn media and messaging skills, build meaningful relationships within their training cohorts, and receive continued support and learning opportunities. By elevating the unique perspectives of independent abortion care providers at the local, state, and national levels, Uniting Our Voices increases public awareness and support for the work of Indies.

Support Our Work

When you support ACN, you are helping us provide independent providers the tools and resources to keep exceptional, patient-centered abortion care available in communities throughout the United States. We need your support to ensure abortion care clinics and the individuals and families who rely on the necessary care they provide are able to thrive.