Independent abortion clinics provide the majority of abortion care in the United States, serving three out of every five people who has an abortion. These clinics provide care when and where others do not — operating in the most hostile states and compassionately providing care as pregnancy progresses. Yet independent clinic closures are unrelenting: the total number of independent clinics in the US has been reduced by 30% since 2012.
The essential role of

Independent Providers Depend on Your Support

Meaningful Access To Abortion

depends on independent abortion care providers

Abortion Care Throughout Pregnancy

depends on independent clinics remaining open

independent clinics provide

More Expansive Abortion Care

independent clinics

Innovate And Adapt

Abortion clinics are

Closing At An Alarming Rate

Independent Clinic Closures Impact

the availability of abortion throughout pregnancy

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Support Independent Abortion Clinics

Raise public awareness of the essential role of independent abortion care providers by sharing this report with colleagues, your elected representatives, members of the press, on social media, and with members of your community

Work with local and state advocates and reproductive health, rights and justice groups to end medically unnecessary, politically motivated restrictions that push abortion out of reach and make it impossible for clinics to provide care.
Work with local and state advocates and reproductive health, rights and justice groups to introduce, pass, and actualize policies that protect, ensure, fund, and increase access to abortion care.
Donate to independent abortion clinics. Independent clinics typically pour every dollar they have into patient care and rely on donors to support the work they do in their communities, legal costs, and security and infrastructure investments. ACN covers the administrative costs of this program so all funds go to independent clinics. 
Volunteer for or work with your local clinic. Clinics need everything from website design to landscaping to patient escorts. Whatever your skill set is, local support is necessary to improve access.
Repeal insurance coverage bans on abortion at the federal and state levels. Abortion bans place the financial burden of healthcare access on communities that are already systemically underresourced.
Lift medically unnecessary restrictions on medication abortion at the state and federal levels, including state bans on telemedicine abortion and FDA regulations that prohibit remote dispensing of medication abortion.
Show your support for people who provide, have, and support abortions. Talk about abortion honestly, openly, and without using euphemisms or stigma; participate in public rallies and online actions; and contribute to conversations happening around the hashtags #CelebrateAbortionProviders, #BansOffOurBodies, #IndiesProvide, and #KeepOurClinics.